Thursday, May 31, 2012

very happy to announce the release of two LPs from the break dance the dawn camp. matt earle is a busy man. the BDTD label has produced over 160 releases on cdr/cassette format. the cream of the crop, for these ears, are listed below. i hope others mine this catalog in the future for vinyl releases, but these are immediate and amazing selections.

girls girls girls - borsh LBCR-002 4 songs of complete dementia. avant garage to some. 2 shorties and 2 long tracks. edition of 250 with silk screened album art. Steve McCabe from Axemen wrote a few words about their most recent live performance at the Negative Guest List show in Brisbane back in December. "Gir!s Gir!s Gir!s headed up the lineup with a set so ambient the management asked them to tone down the Brian Eno interstitial sounds between sets. Hauntingly beautiful even with volume set on level 1 GGG reflected the moment with the subtlety of an exquisite Monet depicting a fragment of daily life. C’est magnifique, as quietly charming yet nigglingly grating as a young marble giants cd set on infinite loop in the vacant house next door, playing too quietly to call the noise control but loudly enough to irritate if one were to focus on it." xwave - cities on flame LBCR-003 recorded in 2008. some great guitar heaviness this time around. a few ears have compared the sounds to kray cherubs. i think it hits on the vermonster - "spirit of yma" leanings. either descriptions are a great place to start. edition of 250 with silk screened album art.

Friday, July 29, 2011

LBCR001 - Mad Nanna S/T 7"

Little Big Chief is proud to announce the US pressing of Melbourne, Australia's Mad Nanna's first 7" EP! After a criminally small amount of the initial press on the band's own imprint, Albert's Basement, made it to the sovereign shores, we deemed it necessary to get this in the hands of more willing participants! Comparisons to the rockier side of Shadow Ring, or a looser feeling Icky Boyfriends are apt, but this little sucker really has a feel of its own. Amatuerish in all the right ways.
Here is what Woodbe had to say about the release.
Hand numbered edition of 300. Mastered by Mikey Young. $7ppd in the US. International customers, please email me at
I've Been Talking by Mad Nanna by Alberts Basement


Yo. For easier shopping, i have set up a big cartel page. I will be posting updates here, and linking to the big cartel page from now on. Here is what is new.

Eagle Boys - "Kambalda Boys" 7' $10.00
Blank Realm – Hey! Little Child 1-Sided 7" $10.00
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys – Nobody Else 7" $8.00
Grudge "When Christie Comes Around" 7" $7.00
Cheater Slicks - "Our Food Is Chaos" LP + 7" $16.00
Tyvek - "Mary Ellen Claims" 7" $5.00

Descriptions are located in each item on the big cartel page as well. HERE IS THE LINK


I'll be announcing Little Big Chief Records first release super soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bloodhuff - c16 cass

Primal thud? They get it. My ears ring with Jim Shepard, Icky Boyfriends, and the ilk. These ladies out of Providence understand the thud thud of it all. Their c16 on Price Tapes get low and dirty. A breath of great air surrounds them. Three cheers! 5 bucks.

Cheater Slicks pre "On Your Knees" recorded material from Almost Ready Records $16
Dead Moon (First Three LPs) available for 11$ a pop
Tyvek "Mary Eleen Claims" 7" on X! Records. 5 boners.
brock.kappers(AT) for more info.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

updated stock

Iceage LP (WYR) 13$
Divorced - Separation Anxiety 17$ (fucking awesome if you haven't heard yet) SOLD OUT (more in a couple weeks)
Hatefuck 7" 11$
Drunk Elk 7" 6$


Crushed Butler 7" - 5$
Dry Rot Live DBL 7" FLEXI (Cold Vomit Records) - $10 2 copies
The Wonderfuls - Piss Fist (Negative Guest Live Records) - $11 1 copy
Folded Shirt 12" (Fashionable Idiots) - $11 1 copy
Super Vacations - Thicker Milk (shadow play records) - $13
Cheater Slicks "Yer Last Record" LP 12$
Night Birds - Midnight Movies 7" 5$

email to reserve.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Divorced LP / HATEFUCK 7"

still waiting on the Iceage LPs...should be here this week. Thanks for being patient with me. USPS can be a giant piece of shit company to do business with on occasion. But on with the better news...

Divorced - Seperation Anxiety LP (Untapeed Resources)

Shit white hot rock from Melborne. Numbskull, face down blasts of heavy. One of the top records of 2011. $17

Divorced by Mess+Noise

Hatefuck - "Rock ‘N’ Roll Letdown" 7" (Negative Guest List)

Archival release from Greenbay, WI. Kevin from Pink Reason plays on this. Helps connects the dots to his amazing output over the past few years. Rettman interviews Kevin, and writes some great words about the release on the link below. $11

Friday, June 10, 2011

Iceage - New Brigade LP on What's Your Rupture Records

UH OH! Ice Age - New Brigade LP on Whats Your Rupture Records got shipped to me today! Easily one of the most hyped records of the year, and, shockingly enough, it holds up! 18/19 year olds from Denmark making super solid rock/hardcoreish record. Great release. 14 bucks. Will ship early next week. email for availability.